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"mom. they're called microbes", CRY MOAR, EXTREME!, Wang Fire M.D., :')b, a. oryzae is my homeboy, angsty campfire confessions, attack of the ducks, beaver tails, being an internet therapist, being king of the traps, bitchbending, butthurt ledouche, chugga chugga shoe shoe, cracktus juice, destiny by sludge, destiny town, die in a shark on fire, do you like waffles?, edward cries manly vampire tears, everyone/zuko, faggotry for 'dubbmies', for wang fire!, gangbang time, gay undertones? in MY avatar?, geezernort, gina's mighty rikupony, half my heart, hurrrrr = hero, i blame sania, i will end you!, i'll brew you, i'll faschinate you, ichigo/roxas, in need of donor wars day, interpol? like the band?, it all ends here, italy man & delivery boy, love: a dreadful bond, luneth's confused bitchslapping habits, magical-bridge-of-hope-and-wonder, manischewitz won't make daddy love me, moyashidansen, mr. and mrs. drunktard, my 1st gf turned into the moon, my husbando squalo, nobody else has homework, nooooo my cabbages-! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。, oh GD i ship it, oh for the love of aang, oh you are a delicious bitch, omg it's an iceberg piñata, ontamarama, our wedding's gonna have ponieees, pop-up book/short story, princess lulu & his gay unicorn, rated b for balls, ri(ka)ckrolling, riku = forget-me-not, riku the anti-toothfairy, rocket azula, romeo!sora x juliet!riku, roxas likes co... ffee, roxas thinks that's ducky, roxas: crossdresser extraordinaire, sania: my overprotective jealous boyfriend, sawaki/trap!kei, sedative icecream, sedative waffles, set the fire to the third bar, sexual intercourse via icons, sexyfine, shut up i'm awesome, sick of wii?!, snow turtles do exist, sokka i'm pregnant; you're the father, sokka style, sora's harem of bitches 'n hoes, sparky-sparky boom man, spinzaku, spirit world shenanigans, stay flamin' gais stay flamin'!, stop confusing the artist, stupid sexy watertribe, super best friends quest, tadayasuuuuuu~, taking care of sania's heart, the emotional heimlich maneuver, the fail to my win, this is the faggiest game ever, this orange will not peel, tinklebell, titanic: the trap version, to sweden! chocolate&love here we come!, to the homomobile!, transitional phrase!, trap!kei & his straight boyfriend, vexen the sailor man, wanna go grab some glory?, warriors for immorality, we killin' some people today, we'll go together, whatever =/= forever, wizard people, dear reader, yellow mellow riku, yes? no? maybe? lobster?, you! give me your shoelaces, you're never serious, yygbld?!?!?!?!, zuko breaking the 4th wall, zuko the sad blowjob girl, ♥ special friend ♥, ( ̄へ ̄)why you do that